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Rustic Italian Seasoning

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Rustic Italian Seasoning

Another of our totally unique and adaptable blends that rightly deserves space in your kitchen cupboards!

Use as a seasoning, spice blend and ingredient in soups, stews, casseroles and roasts.  Superbly easy to use with a flavour inspired by the hearty cooking of Northern Italy.


Pat your roasting joint (beef, lamb or pork) dry, then pat a good coating of spice blend on your meat. If it prefers not to stick try lightly oiling the joint first then rubbing the blend on.  Leave to sit for an hour or two and/or pan sear then roast.

For chicken mix with butter and stuff between breast and skin for a moist and flavourful bird.

For a different flavour try liberally sprinkling over vegetables and potaoes when about halfway cooked, or mixing with oil and drizzling.  Also try bashing the blend in a pestle and mortar add adding to stuffings and dumplings.

  If you have opportunity, try Rustic Italian with gamey meats like rabbit and venison; it works wonderfully with these.  As with joints like lamb and beef, try a light coat of oil, then rub/roll in the blend before pan searing then roasting.


Grind or bash blend in a pestle and mortar or throw in a grinder if using as a seasoning (the whole peppercorns may come as a surprise if showered on your meal as is!).  Season anything that you'd enjoy the herby, peppery flavour of this blend on; try on cauliflower, cabbage and brussels, parsnips and turnips.


A couple of ways to go here.  Add the Rustic Italian to cubed meat as it is being seared, or add to the gravy of your slow cooked stews and casseroles.  As a rule of thumb, two tablespoons will season approximately 500g of meat.



Garlic, Onion, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Oregano, Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Paprika, Lemon. Our Rustic Italian Seasoning is produced with herbs and spices from more than one country, blended here in Devon.

Allergy Advice
Can not guarantee free of allergens.


Over time the essential oils and aromatics in your spice blend will fade and the balance of flavours change.  Though they may keep for up to 2 years in an airtight container in cool, dark, dry conditions, we suggest that they are typically best within 6 months of opening. Please use by the BB4 date on your package.

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