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Mango, Ground

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Ground Mango (Amchur)

Mango powder is made from unripe mangos that are dried and ground to produce a sweet and sour ingredient with fruity notes, used similarly to Tamarind or as lemon juice and fruit zest.

Powdered mango is a common ingredient in chaat masalas, and a primary flavour in chutneys, pickles, and marinades.  Use ground mango to reduce the sweetness of dishes, add tartness as you might with lemons, or add flavour where you might use fruit zest (1 teaspoon of mango powder equals 3 tablespoons of lemon juice).

Enjoy chicken, pork and beef on the BBQ?  A good pinch of amchur in your meat rub or spice blend will add a zesty zing (ideal for pork and worth trying on flavourful fish like mackerel).

Mango powder makes a delicious addition to the winter warmers of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.


Freeze Dried, Ground Mango. Known to Indian chefs as Amchur and Amchoor. Produce of India, hand packed in Devon, UK.

Allergy Advice
Cannot guarantee free of allergens.

Keep for up to 2 years in the right conditions or until flavour diminishes.

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