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Khmeli Suneli


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Khmeli Suneli

Khmeli Suneli is a quite original combination of herbs and spices that lends fresh, bright flavour to a range of dishes.  Depending on use you'll find layers of flavour come from the coriander, dill, bay, fenugreek, marigold, parsley and mint; a wonderful new flavour experience.

In the Caucaus mountain region, between Europe and Asia, sits Georgia.  This blend, popular throughout that region, has flavour influences from Persia, Russia and Turkey; resulting in a quite extraordinary taste.

Khmeli Suneli is most commonly used in regional stews, but you'll find it a tasty addition to your own slow cooked stews, casseroles and soups.  It also makes a great seasoning on roast chicken, pork, beef and lamb.  Khmeli Suneli tastes great on roast veg like squashes, carrots, courgettes and cauliflower (try a pinch on Cauliflower Cheese, lovely!).

 Recipes may refer to this blend as Georgian 5 Spice which contains the main ingredients of our blend.  Available to buy in the UK, Spicewell's Khmeli Suneli is likely a new flavour to add to your cooking repertoire.


Easy Chicken Skewers
Cut 1Kg of chicken meat into kebab size chunks, place in a bowl.
Evenly coat with 3TBS of Khmeli Suneli, marinade for 2-4 hours
Slide onto skewers, allow to come to room temperature, drizzle with olive oil
Grill on a medium-high heat until cooked (about 25 minutes)

Serve with couscous or flat breads and salad.


Ground Coriander, Savoury, Mint, Dill, Fenugreek Seeds, Marjoram, Parsley, Black Pepper, Fenugreek Leaves, Calendula Petals, Bay.  Made with ingredients from more than one country, blended in North Devon.