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Jamaican Jerk

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Jamaican Jerk

Among our spicy blends this one can raise a sweat with those with less tolerance for chili.  Standing out from the crowd, our Jamaican Jerk uses Habanero pepper over the hotter, more traditional, Scotch Bonnett for a perfect balance of heat and flavour.


Get an authentic hot-jerk flavour with this awesome no salt blend, some lemon juice and a choice of cubed chicken, turkey or pork.  Glug the cubes with lemon juice and add 1 heaped teaspoon of Jamaican Jerk per 250g of meat.  Stir to coat then refrigerate overnight (or at least for a couple of hours).  Being careful not to burn, simply pan fry, grill or BBQ on skewers (try with onion, pineapple and pepper). Throw in wraps or serve with rice and salad.  Easy and delicious.

Looking to try something different? A pinch or three over salmon and steaks adds that wonderful peppery-herby-jerk-flavour that's heavenly with meaty fish and juicy steaks.

Allspice, Thyme, Paprika, Coarse Black Pepper, Brown Sugar, Habanero Chili, Nutmeg, Ginger, Garlic, Onion. Jamaican Jerk is produced with herbs and spices from several countries, then blended here in the UK.

Contains NO preservatives, NO chemicals, NO extracts, NO anti caking agents, NO salt. Just all natural ingredients!

Allergy Advice
Cannot guarantee free of allergens.

Keep for up to 2 years in cool, dark, dry conditions 
or until the flavour diminishes.  Typically best within 6 months of delivery. Please use by the BB4 date on your package.

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