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Italian Seasoning

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Italian Seasoning

Whenever you wish to capture an authentic Italian or provincial Mediterranean flavour just reach for our Italian Seasoning!

Lightly aromatic herbs with citrus and wood notes, nuttyness from the sesame, savouriness from salt, onion and garlic and a piquant lilt from the white pepper.  

Try it in homemade loaves, added to olive oil then drizzled on Ciabatta or Focaccia.  Try it in mashed potato, on cheese toasties or mix with olive oil and drizzle over your favourite vegetables prior to roasting. A delicious, Mediterranean-inspired season all.

Sesame Seed, Salt, Basil, Thyme, Oregano, White Pepper, Rosemary, Minced Onion, Garlic Granules. Produce of more than one country, handpacked in Devon, UK.

Allergy Advice
Contains known allergen Sesame Seeds. Can not guarantee free of allergens.

Keep for up to 2 years in cool, dark, dry conditions 
or until the flavour diminishes. Please use by the BB4 date on your package.

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