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Chili Con Carne

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Chilli Con Carne

A Tex-Mex classic that makes a tasty meal in next to no time and with about the same amount of effort.  Few will have gone through life without enjoying Chilli Con Carne and many of us have our own secret recipe.  Improve upon yours with this original blend with a little heat and a lot of flavour.


Chop and fry a large red onion until golden, add 500-750g of lean mince and brown. Reduce heat, add two teaspoons of Chilli Con Carne blend (2 tablespoons for more heat) and stir-in. Add a large diced or sliced red pepper, 400g of kidney beans and two 400g tins of chopped tomatoes and leave to simmer until cooked.

If you love your chilli hot try adding one of the following: Chilli Flakes, Hot Paprika or Kashmiri Pepper. If you'd like to try kicking the flavour in a slightly different direction try Oak Smoked Paprika (our favourite), Chipotle Pepper or Bassar Masala. Start with a pinch and adjust your chili/paprika to taste (otherwise you may blow your socks off).

Garlic Granules, Black Pepper, Chilli Powder, Coriander, Cumin, Fenugreek, Noble Sweet Paprika, Oregano, Salt. Our Chilli Con Carne Spice Blend is produced with herbs and spices from more than one country, then blended here in the UK.

Allergy Advice
Cannot guarantee free of other allergens.

Over time the essential oils, aromatics and colour of your herbs will fade and the flavours change.  Though you may keep them for up to 2 years in cool, dark, dry conditions in an airtight container we suggest that they are typically best within 6 months of delivery. Please use by the BB4 date on your package. 

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