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Blackmoor Hot Spice

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Blackmoor Hot Spice

In the north of Devon, on the edge of the rivers Yeo and Heddon, lays the western entrance to the wild of Exmoor: the rugged Blackmoor Gate.

The name for this equally wild and rugged meat rub came during a drive back from the north Devon coast on a hard and windy day.  The Blackmoor Hot Spice is a blend of chunky garlic and onion with black pepper, smokey paprika and cayenne bringing the piquant 'blackness'.  The final finish comes from the flavours of oregano and winter thyme; fresh and fragrant.  One of many of our seasonings for chicken and a great seasoning for steak.

As with all of our meat rubs, simply massage the spice blend into the meat.  Slice the surface or stab with a fork to get the best penetration of flavour and leave for 4-24 hours for infusion.  Blackmoor can be mixed with olive oil to make a marinade, or try it with bourbon or beer at your next BBQ. A delicious, chunky and robust and spicy blend!

Garlic, Smoked Paprika, Black Pepper, Onion, Thyme, Oregano, Chilli Flakes, Tomato flakes and Salt. Our Blackmoor Hot Spice is produced with herbs and spices from more than one country, then blended here in Devon.

Allergy Advice
Cannot guarantee free of other allergens.

Over time the essential oils, aromatics and colour of your herbs will fade and the flavours change.  Keep them for up to 2 years in cool, dark, dry conditions in an airtight container. Please use by the BB4 date on your package. 

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