Grow Herbs at Home

The Convenience of Dried and the Benefits of Fresh

There's no denying that some herbs are best fresh.  Nothing beats the convenience of having herbs and spices to hand all year around, so when the growing season comes around it's time to get planting!

You can grow herbs from seed, grow herbs indoors or outdoors, grow herbs on a windowsill; you don't need a lot of space and they are very easy to get going.  Enjoy the pleasure of growing and the vibrant flavour that comes from your own herb garden.  Try seeds from these companies: 


Herbs from Plugs and Chilli Peppers from Seed

Take a look at Jersey Plants Direct for their selection of herbs that come ready to plant on. Perfect for when you may have left it too late to germinate or if you simply love the convenience and speed that comes from planting plugs.

They also offer some amazing chilli pepper plants and chilli pepper seeds in a wide range, from petite and decorative, the flavourful and mild through to the insanely hot; with everything in-between.  Remember that these peppers make great pot plants and yes, you can grow chilli peppers indoors with ease.


The Simple Pleasures in Life

If gardening, like cooking, is one of your pleasures (it's damp here in Devon and the clay soil where we are is pretty bad but we do love to grow our own herbs) then pay a visit to this online store; it's well worth your time. They have an incredible array of plants at excellent prices (hence their name of Value Plants Direct).

The site is a little difficult to navigate if you are 'window shopping' but if you have a need for hedging, shrubs, trees, conifers herbaceous plants, bamboos, grasses, climbers and topiary then these are well grouped and easy to find.