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No Salt

Whether taste preference or health choice having no salt seasonings is an important option for many.  This collection of Spicewell's rubs and blends gives you the option of adding salt to taste or going without altogether - without sacrificing flavour.  As an added benefit, if a blend is free of salt you're typically getting more herb and spice ingredient by weight; increasing value.

Jamaican Jerk Among our spicy blends this one is sure to raise a sweat!  Standing out from the crowd, our Jamaican Jerk contains no salt but does contain plenty of flavour and a perfect pinch of Habanero. RecipeGet an authentic hot-jerk flavour with this awesome no salt blend, some lemon juice and a choice of cubed chicken, turkey or pork.  Glug the cubes with lemon juice and...


No Salt Montreal Meat Rub Based on a recipe for Canadian Steak Seasoning originating from Quebec in the 1940's, you'll find this blend is perfect for steaks and red meat. Rub your steak or beef joint and marinade overnight (or for at least 2 hours), then cook in your preferred manner. As a general rule allow your steak to return to...