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Your Own BBQ Burgers

Your Own BBQ Burgers

Read these BBQ tips, get some of our seasonings and perfect your own "Signature" burger.


Simply add *2-4 teaspoons of seasoning per 500g of chosen ground meat, mix well, form into patties and get ready for awesome!



  • The right meat makes the difference.  With beef go for a fat content of about 15% for a good, juicy burger without the fatty, tongue-furring flavour.

  • Try adding a little carto your burger meat to bind it: a couple of well crushed Jacobs crackers work well, as do a small handful of crushed shreddies, bread crumbs and even bran flakes. Crush up small, mix in well.

  • Next add your Spicewell's seasonings, you'll probably not want to add salt at this time. We offer salt-free options but for the most part your seasoning will have the perfect salt balance.  First time you make your seasoned burgers start with smaller seasoning quantities and remember how much you added so you can adjust on your next batch.

  • Anything you add to the meat keep small; onion, jalapenos, garlic etc otherwise your burgers will break apart when turning

  • Don't add egg to bind. Use the heal of your hand to firm burger patties into shape. Keep moving the burger around in a circular motion in your opposite hand so you get even firming. Provided you don't have large pieces in your burger meat your burgers will stay in one piece.

  • Consider cooking time and the spacing on your griddle when you shape your burgers. Too thick and it can take a long time to cook through, too thin and it'll fall apart or slide through the wire of your griddle. 

  • Chill!  Leave your burger patties in the fridge for at least 10 minutes before grilling

  • While they chill, clean your grill.  Heat it for 10-15 minutes, give it a good scrub, wipe down with a damp cloth, then, using a basting brush, oil with olive oil or similar.
  • Want to grill something slowly, not burn veggies, or sear your meat fast and then cook it slow and low?  Place your hand about 10cm above the grill, then in seconds, count how long it takes before you need to move your hand away. This will indicate the heat of your grill as:

    0-2 secs: high • 3-4 secs: medium-high • 5-6 secs: medium • 7-8 secs: medium-low • Indefinite: low

    You can do this heat test over different areas of your grill,  remember the temperature zones and cook in the right ones for the perfect results.  If you cook with charcoal, keep testing as you cook.

  • Sear the meat on the hottest part of the grill, get a nice caramelised crust on each side then slow the cooking by moving to a medium heat zone.

  • Top BBQ chef's insist that you only turn the pattie once. Use a good all metal spatula and push down on the grill to get right under the burger, but...

  • Don't squash the pattie on the grill! This is especially important if you're a frequent flipper.  If you want those griddle lines in your burger make sure you have a clean, pre-heated grill.  Remember, keep the juices in the burger!

  • Is it done? Well, the only way to reliably know without cutting the burger open is to use a meat thermometer (not very BBQ warrior but safest for your guests). An internal temperature of 70°C will do it.  Remove from heat and quickly insert the gauge in from the side of the burger.

  • Sauce? Recently we've been experimenting with regular ketchup and adding our seasonings to it with great results.  Squirt some ketchup in a small bowl and gradually add your chosen spice blend or seasoning, taste testing as you go. Cajun Ketchup, Oak Smoked Ketchup and Mesquite Ketchup are our current favourites.

*Quantity - ofcourse this depends on how strong a flavour you want to enjoy. If you've just acquired a Kg of rare breed Longhorn beef you may not want to drown the flavour out with half a bag of seasonings.  Also, bear in mind heat levels of our blends.  Jamaican Jerk is quite hot, Spicy BBQ has medium heat, Harissa, BBQ Herb & Spice and Cajun have a little spice to them.

   We're always on the lookout for top tips, recipes and so on.  Please send us your comments here or via our social platforms.  We may even send you a freebie if it's good stuff you're sharing?!

  • July 15, 2017
  • Jessica Warren
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